Political Issues

Classical Liberalism Brought Us 1776 - Progressivism Brings Tyranny
No Room In The GOP For Reaganites
The Mind Of Harry Reid
Even Though Corrupt and Evil, Democrats Can Do No Wrong
Manipulating the Political Process
When Staying Up All Night Brings In Million$
Bashing Obamacare - Liberal Style
Don't Want To Work? Vote Democrat
Food Stamps -- The Way To Stay In Power
For Environmental Cleanup, The Example To Follow Is ...
For 2014, My Crystal Ball Says ...
A Convention Of The States
Barack Obama: A Liar, Incompetent Or Both?
The Irony Of Liberals Using Nukes
One Bullet Created A Welfare State
'Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies'
30 Minutes In The Oval Office
Another Sorry Sap: Mitch McConnell
Obama: Negotiating With Terrorists While Failing To Talk With Republicans
Four On The Right Versus The Republican Establishment
Newark: Out Next President's (?) Model For The U.S.
Barack Obama: Determined To Destroy The United States
The Liberty Amendments: A Dream IN Need Of Coming True
The GOP's Last Stand: The Obamacare Showdown
An Old Magician's Trick, Alinsky Style
Flush Twice. It's A Long Way To Washington
Look Who Just Woke Up
The GOP: Once On Life Support, Now On Miracle Drugs
Stand With Rand - Reshaping The Republican Landscape
Pinnochiobama ... Such Transparency
Barack Obama, Liar-Extraordinaire!
Heil Obama! Lies, Innuendos And Threats In The SOTU
The Conservative Victory Project ... Pure Bull
It May Be Time To Ask The Question: "Is Barack Obama A Communist?"
Ronald Reagan And The Fiscal Cliff
The Boehner Blunder
Our Next President (?) Wants Us To Do It 'The Chicago Way'
Burying Benghazi
Forward. Finishing The Fundamental Transformation Of America
How Liberals Win Elections
Too Early To Throw Hillary Under The Bus?
The Definition of 'LOL': Joe Biden
Big Oversight: Gun Control In The Democratic Platform
Whatever Happened To The Democratic Party?
Welcome To The Constitution Party
The Race Card, Again And Again And Again
The CBC As The KKK In Reverse (And Other Thoughts On Eric Holder's Contempt Verdict)
'Ain't Not No Fair'
The Obama Strategy On Campus
Another Obama Oxymoron: States' Rights And Gay Marriage
Allen West, The Reverse-Racist Racist
Post-Racial Racist Politics
What Do We Know About Obama? Still Nearly Nothing
Fact Checking The State Of The Union
"Black Should Have A Job" And Other Aspects Of The GOP Debate
Congrats Rick. Now Prove You're Not A Big-Government Neo-Con
Analyzing Obama In Osawatomie
The Hidden Agenda In The Democrat's Budget
52 Weeks To Go
Taking A Page Out Of FDR's Playbook
Making Congress Irrelevant
The Blame Game, Part CMLXXX
Making Washington Inconsequential
Falling For Fear-Mongering
Arrogant And Petulant
How Republicans Can Get Snookered Again
Ron Paul: The Lone Wolf
Intimidating GOP Voters Obama Style
Regardless The GOP Nominee 2012 Must Be About Obama's Ineptitude
1968 Redux
A Look At The GOP List
Newt? Better Than Romney
How About A Republican African-American President?
What President Obama Did Say In The State Of The Union
What President Obama Will Not Say In The State Of The Union
Keeping A Low Profile In A High Profile Year
Time To Get Down To Business
Score More For The GOP
The Lame-Brain Lame Ducks
Prepare Now For The Obama Blame Game
Violent Democrats?
Remember, 1964
The Coming GOP Nor'easter
Do You Miss "W" Yet?
Obama And The Incoming 112th Congress
Toxic Tea For The GOP?
If You Blame Bush, You Must Blame Millard Fillmore Too
What The Far-Left Fears The Most
Can You Believe It?
The Real Roosevelt Administration
The Politics Of Debt
GOP Women Are Winners!
Obama Is Responsibly Not Responsible
Conservative Senate Candidates - Listen Up!
It's Elana Kagan - Thank Goodness - I Guess
I'm Taking My Ball and Bat And Going To Play With The Independents!
Mitt Romney Evokes Images Of RINOs
To Bart Stupak We Bid A Fond Adeu
Feldblum, Obama's Gift To The Gay Community
Driving A Stake Through The Heart
Pennsylvania's X-Factor
Are Republicans Bound By Contract?
1st Predictions - GOP Gain 27 Seats But Need 40 To Win House
The Biggest Recall Since 1994
I Thought Only Right-Wingers Were Fascists
The Carter Reruns Are On
Politics In Massachusetts -- Chicago Style
The Continuing Saga Of The Back-Room Razzle Dazzle
Welcome to 2010: Let The Races Begin!
The Price Of Freedom: Merry Christmas From The U.S. Senate
Tea Baggers And Constitutionalists
It Pays To Die! The Government Is The Proud Recipient
After RINO Hunting Comes The Litmus Test
Let's Go RINO Hunting
"D" Stands For "Dependency" It Also Stands For "Dissing Jefferson"
Once Again, A Call For Another Major Political Party
Elections Today Are A Quiz -- The Real Test Comes Next Year
To Get Sick You Have To Pay Taxes
HR450 - Good Bill, But It Doesn't Stand A Chance
Move 'Em On, Head 'Em Out!
Obama's Priority: Olympics In His Chicago Or Our Military In Afghanistan
Dancing With The Czars - not Stars!
Cass Sunstein, Our Next Associate Justice!
"You Life!" The Truth About Obama's Address To Congress
Taxpayers: "Mr. President, Please Leave Us Alone!"
The President's Party Is Killing Him: It's The 53 - Not The GOP
Remember The House Un-American Activities Committee?
Obama's Big Report Card Is Coming In 3 Months
One Last Gasp Of Air For The GOP
Thank God For Blue Dogs
Tax, Spend, Disarm
Liberal Look Shocked When Their Heroes Turn Out To Be Racists
"What's Up With Sarah Palin?"
"Nothing Can Stop Us Now!"
The Man Many Claim Is God Incarnate
Is There No Place For Religion In Public Life?
Obama Now And Always - The Repeal of the 22nd Amendment
Giving More Of Yourself For The Savior!
She's More Liberal Than Most Liberals
Judge Sotomayor - Reasons For Concern
Code Words and Catch Phrases
Bye Bye Sovereignty, Hello Global Community
John Adams, Watch And Cry!
100 Days Down, Only 1361 Days To Go!
It's Not Too Late To Save America
I'm Being Watched Because I'm An Extremist
How Many Socialists Are There In Congress?
The Most Polarizing President Ever
"I'm So Sorry For What America Is and For Why It Exists"
"A Republican Is A Republican Is A Republican" Or Is He
Health Care, Canada Style
George Soros, Race and Politics
Go Ahead, Attack Capitalism While You're At It
How To Explain Obama's Agenda - Read F.D.R.
Don't Give Up Republicans

Primaries & Elections/Campaign Issues

What's All The Hubbub About Elizabeth Warren?
The Non-Establishment, Non-Tea Party Conservative
A Trial Run On Spinning A Loss
A Big Mid-Term Is Coming While Hillary Watches On
Gun Control, Higher Taxes, Same-Sex Marriage Comes To Virginia
CORRECTION! No Virginia, I've Seen The Light
Yes, Virginia, I'm Backing Robert Sarvis For Governor
Introducing New York's Next Mayor, A Certified Communist Revolutionary
The Call To Arms In Colorado
Conservatives Now Lead The GOP In Virginia
Looking Ahead To 2016
Deny Your God Or Be Declared Unit
A Day of Reckoning
The True Definition Of BS
Too Much Candy For Obama
Media To The Masses: Obama Forgot To Show Up
Media To The Masses: Obama Won!
No Time For World Leaders When Campaign Stops and TV Shows Call
Slick Willy Is Still Slick
Definition of Fiscal Conservative: Paul Ryan
Now It Gets Real Nasty
PsyOps And The Axelrod Stench
Obama To Youth: "Vote For Me So I Can Rob You Blind"
Condi Brings Hillary To The Forefront
It's Mitt's To Lose
Obama Loses! Wishful Thinking
She Came Out Of Nowhere
Will Moderate Republicans Go The Way Of The Condor?
To George Soros An Establishment Republican Is OK
Propaganda: The Main Tool Of The Obama Campaign
Why I Am Supporting Ron Paul In Virginia
Why Republicans Don't Trust Mitt
A True Constitutionalist Slated To Lose District, Thanks To "GOP Establishment"
The Gingrich Saga: Bitterness And Rage
Explaining Ron Paul's Followers
Ron Paul - Nobody Gives Him A Chance. But Wait...
Even Rick Perry's Tax Plan Won't Fly
Ronald Reagan Redux
Raising Cain
Watch Your "P's & Q's" Debbie
NY-9: Bye Bye Barack?
Observations About The GOP Debate
What Is It About Rick Perry That Disturbs All Ideologues
As I See It: Thoughts On The GOP Debate
Who's Courting The Jewish Vote?

Culture War Issues

How American Is Destroyed By November 8, 2016
Denmark Is Making Them Do It, Obama Will Make Us Do It Too
Of Guns, Knives And Baseball Bats
More Intolerance From The Tolerant Left
Would Progressives Marginalize, Imprison or Execute Christians? (Or All Three?)
The Mind Of The Progressive. Understanding The Democratic Party Play Book
Defeating Christianity. It's The New American Way
Turning Adults Into Children
Hate Leads To The Dark Side Of The Force: The Rage Of The Left
Cuomo To Conservatives: Get The Hell Out!
Gays Are GLAAD The Duck's Dynasty Is Over, But Is It Really?
There Are No Morals In Progressivism
The ENDA Religious Freedom
"Bleeding Heart" Liberals Bleed Hearts & Wallets
This Is Not The Time For Silent Christians
Atheism: The Progressive's Religion
While The Two Parties Transform, The U.S. Is Dying
What's Next For Christianity?
Calling Good Evil And Evil Good
Rome Revisited -- History Is Repeating Itself
We Rob God And The Government Robs Us
C'mon Now, Admit It! America Is Becoming A Communist State
45 Goals For A Communist Takeover - We're Almost There
Antonio Gramsci, The Model For Modern Communism
From Marx To Gramsci To Alinsky To Obama. Communism Is Here In America
Clinging To Guns Or Clinging To Government
Liberals Help the U.S. Destroy Itself from Within
The Culture of Narcissism
Entitlement: The Opposite Of Thanksgiving
Republicans Lose Because Our Nation Is Disintegrating
The '1984' Cultural Lexicon
The God Of This Age ... Ungodly Indeed
To Whom Do You Pray? God Or Government?
If 50.1% Of Americans Still Have Character, Romney Will Win
Chicken And The Secular Progressive
How To Drive A Liberal Crazy
Remembering Those Still Serving
Savage Two-Faced 'Bully'
Closing Down Religion
Obama, The 'Freebie King'
Historically The Left Was Always Anti-Faith And Anti-Family
Obama's Continuing War On Religion
Was Christ Ever In Christmas?
Tebow, Religion and Secularism
Do Newt's Moral Failures Disqualify Him From The Presidency?
Objectivism vs Collectivism
9/11 Ten Years After
God Has No Place On 9-11?
I've Had It With Barack Obama! -- I've Had It With All Liberals!
Marginalizing Christianity
Barack Obama (D) - His Declaration Of "Dependence"
One Nation, Not Under A God, Divisible
The Mainscream Media Is Killing The Country
The Easter Effect
It's An "All-Out War" On FOX
"Socialist" Democrats Are No Friends of Black Americans
Internal Recruitment
Dominos Fall With The Demise Of DOMA
Democracy Cannot Be Grafted Onto Islamic Society
What's Next In The Public Schools?... Teaching Arabic?
Target The Left And Put Totalitarianism In The Cross-Hairs
The Most Non-Religious State Must Allow Some Religion
The Gay Force
The Future Of Marriage: Near Extinction And Redefined
Pro-Gay Marriage Judges Are Out In Iowa
Don't Just Defund NPR - Strip It's Tax-Exemption!
Echoes of 1930s Germany
The Obama/Post-Christian Phase Of U.S. History
Dr. Martin Luther King's Conservative Legacy
Atlas Shrugged: Is There An "Ideal" Man?
The Left Says Sex Organs Make No Distinctions Between Genders
Want To Separate Church And State?
Secular Progressive Socialists in Meltdown
Picking DOMA Apart One Ruling At A Time
Would You Know A Legal Progressive If You See One?
Robert C. Byrd--From the KKK To The Champion Of African-Americans
Gay Marriage - The Time Has Come
Moving Farther Away From God
It's The Regular People Who Are Getting Fired Up
Darn It! Why Couldn't The Times Square Bomber Be A Tea Partier?
Religious Apathy: Obama's Rx For Progressive Socialism To Win
Tea Partiers And Timothy
NBC Becomes The New Gay Advocate
The President Removes Jesus From The Easter Message
Executive Orders Aren't Worth The Paper A Dollar Is Printed On
Everybody Knows About This Secret...
What's New On "The View"?
Gay Reparations?? God I Hope Not!
MSNBC To America: If You Don't Vote Democrat You're A Racist
The Elitist Frame Of Mind
Gay Marriage Is Now A Federal Issue
Rolling Back Liberalism
Being Liberal Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry
An Obamanable Christmas
Have Yourself A Merry Non-Religious Christmas
Christians Stand Firm, It's Gonna Get Rough!
Political Correctness Be Damned!
Gays In Massachusetts Want DOMA Gone -- Now!
African-Americans Must See A "D" Before They Vote
What George Soros Wants Barack Obama Delivers
Want Out? Just File Papers And Move On
The Truth About ObamACORN
Good Pep Talk Mr. President - But Were There Underlying Currents?
Viva La Raza! - It's All About Race
From Marx to Obama - How Radical Socialism Came To America
How About A Sex-Change - Courtesy Of The Tax-Payer?
The Government Will Determine How Much Your Life Is Worth
Science Czar? Not Quite
"Protestant Work Ethic" Sounds Religious, So Just Redistribute The Wealth
Obama To The Gay Community: "Welcome To Your White House!"
Obama's First Appointee To Meet With Pro-Abortionists Ire
The Far-Left's Agenda

Immigration Issues

Can't Find A Job? You Must Be An American
John And Juan: Or, Immigration Reform By The Numbers
True Immigration Reforms Means Curbing Handouts And Saving Billions
The Path to Citizenship, Handouts and Democratic Votes
The Secure Communities Program
Pat Buchanan And His 'Swansong' Book
States Rights And Enforcing Federal Law

Islamic & Muslim Issues

It's 'Jihad' Mr. President
A Real Global Menace
Obama's Strong Ties To the Muslim Brotherhood
The Obama-Islamist Alliance
How To Unite Islam And Marxism - Reelect Barack Obama
Coming Soon: Europe's Caliphate
Ignore Shariah At Your Own Peril
Muslim Brotherhood Reaching For The Crest Of The Moon

Legal Issues

Dismantling Obamacare One Court Ruling At A Time
The Supremes Slam the Imperial President ... Now For Obama's Work-Around
And So,...While I Was On Vacation
Obama Sanctioned Criminal Behavior
White Males Need Not Apply Applies No More
Yes, They're Coming For Your Guns -- Starting In Connecticut
Freedom Of Association For All?
FLASH: FCC Replaces Joseph Goebbels
Criminalizing The Rich
The President Has Committed Treason! Impeach Barack Hussein Obama!
Nidal Hasan Wants To Be A Martyr, Putting Obama Between A Rock And A Hard Place
My Final Thoughts On The Zimmerman-Martin Affair
It Ain't Over Yet
Behold, The Death Panel Cometh
Could You Be Arrested Before You Commit A Crime?
Welcome To The Police State
So The IRS Wants To Know The Content Of My Prayers
Our Country Is Gone if Obama Isn't Held to Something
Amnesty As A 'Civil Right'
Marriage In The Balance
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Alex Jones May Be Crazy, But Piers Morgan Is A Liar
A Democrats' Nightmare: Union Busting
Obama Above, Around And Below The Law
Daring The IRS
Another Reason Obama Must Be Defeated
Eliminate The Death Penalty, But Execute Gun Owners
Reasons The Obamacare Decision Might Be A Blessing In Disguise
Shades Of Richard Nixon
"Silence - I Kill You!"
The "Castle Doctrine" And "Stand Your Ground"
Liberty Landmark Week
DOJ: Voter ID Discriminates Against Would-Be Obama Supporters
Eric Holder's Only Interest
There Are No Civil Rights For Christianity
Our 'Useless' Constitution
Redistricting And The Racial Divide
SCOTUS To Obama: Keep Your Hands Off Of Churches
More Power Hungry Than LBJ
Reining In The Imperial Judiciary
Christians, Go Find Another Place To Worship
Could A High Court Decision Be A Win-Win for Obama?
Charging A Child As An Adult
Standing Up Against Governmental Overreach
I'd Take The NYPD Over Homeland Security Any Day
The Atheists' Silly "Little" Lawsuit
The High Court And Violent Video Games -- Where Are The Parents?
Inhumane Punishment
GOP 'Borked' Obama's Most Radical Appointee
Atheists Lose Again At The Supreme Court
Putting Pressure On Those Defending DOMA
Judges Who Don't Judge Bring About Big Government
Should The Government Fact-Check Political Ads?
Christians Can't Act Christian And Get Anywhere
Could A Conservative Judge Side With Obamacare?
Child Porn And MTV - Don't Count On Holder To Investigate
'Don't Give Me That Constitution Nonsense'
The Unraveling Of Obamacare
Your Tax Dollars And Park 51
Shariah To Come Sooner
The Only Way To Do Air Security Is By Profiling
Kagan's Turn At The Plate -- Next Up: Leah Ward Sears?
Orwellian Elitists vs. The Right To Privacy
Judge Says Christians Are Second Class Citizens
The Problem With Judges Is...
"I Love Filing Lawsuits"
Wanna Graduate? You Must Be P.C.
'...With Liberty And Justice For All' -- Except Whites
It's OK For Blacks To Be Racists, But Whites Cannot Be Victims
I'll Keep My Guns, You Can Keep The 'Change'
Is The Climate Getting Hot In Arizona?
It Pays To Be An Illegal Alien
Sestak vs. The White House
What The Supreme Court Won't Do - Enforce The Constitution
The ACLU Goes After Arizona Law
Where Is The Constitution In Your Discussions, Mr. President?
Asking For Handouts From The Government Is Like Praying -- It's Religious Too
The GOP Must Scrutinize Obama's Next Supreme Court Nominee
Is It Constitutional To Recall A U.S. Senator?
If Progressive-Socialists Don't Like It, Let Them Repeal The 10th
An Asinine Court Ruling
The 2nd Amendment And States' Rights
Two Words That Don't Go Together: Lawyers & Truth
Will Eric Holder Ever Get It?
Free Speech For All
Holder Is Hell-Bent To Provide For Terrorist's Rights
Who Cares About The 10th Amendment When "Rights" Are Being Ignored?
Can The Feds Make You Into A Criminal?
Is There Anyway To Preserve The Constitution Under Obama?
By Moving KSM's Trial To The U.S., Obama Has Certainly Set Him Free
Will Obama Commute Hasan's Certain Death Sentence?
Contract Rights - There Goes Your Property
Supremes Will Not Be Nailing the A.C.L.U To The Cross
No Fault Of My Own
Freedom? -- To Do What?
Democrats On The First Amendment: "Scrap It!"
Sotomayor Isn't Obama's Home Run For The High Court
Obama's Science Advisor Knows When A Human Becomes A Human
Judge Sotomayor, Please Answer These Questions...
Who Wants To Get Married?
The 2008-2009 Supreme Court Term
The 10th Amendment

Policy Issues

Mama Knows Best ... No More Ice Cream For You
Obama's Foreign Policy: Golfing
Closing Gitmo, Obama Style
Another Obama First: Negotiating With Terrorists
Weakening America, Obama Style
Sitting Ducks
Cow Farts Will Cost You Big Time
From Dominance To Dependence
Superseding the Constitution By Writing Your Own Rules
More Regulated Than 1984 Oceania
The Train Wreck Is Just Around The Bend
A Pathetic News Conference
From Shutting You Down To Shutting You Up
They Say 'Progressive', Reality Calls It 'Communist'
Barry Is Made Of Mush
Congress To Limit The Syrian Strike By Giving Obama A Blank Check?
Read This Article And You Could Be Put On A "Watch List"
Nudge - Push - Shove
"The Is War!"
Obama's 'Red Line' -- Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day
Obama Can't Get His Way So He Takes It Out On Us
Why Is Homeland Security Stockpiling So Many Guns And So Much Ammo?
The New Gestapo
Hiding The Truth 'Hillary Style'
Turning Women Into Men
Community Organizing On A National Scale
Arming The School Staff Or Groping The Students?
Fasten Your Seatbelts
If It Erodes Here, It Can't Grow There
The Questions Democrats Enthusiastically Answer, With A Lie
Assisted Dying
How to 'Back-Door' an 'End-Around" to the Second Amendment
The Almighty Power Grab
Where There Are Security Leaks There Is No Security
The Rising Rates On Your Electric Bill
'Crucify Them!'
Pet Projects
Going To War Over Obama's Economic, Job-Squashing, Energy Deleting Policies
'To Hell With Congress, I'll Do What I Want'
Beyond Passe Cumitatus: New Role For The National Guard
Can Maxine Finish The Job Barney Is Leaving?
How Does The Government Create A Job?
Obama To Propose More Public Jobs (Where Are The Private Ones, Mr. President?)
History Repeats Itself, Again!
One-Time Obama Supporter Steve Wynn: "The President Is A Socialist!"
President Obama's Short-Term Memory Loss
The Monsters Behind The Doors: Unions
What Obama Stands To Gain By Snubbing Israel
Yes, I'm Proud Of President Obama
Gas Prices
Will The Next Secretary Of State Be Anti-American?
A 'Half-Ass' Job
Where's Waldo? Where's The President?
Your Tax Dollars And Al-Jazeera
Analyzing Obama's Big Government Budget
Avoiding Excessive, Inconsistent And Redundant Regulations
UVA And First Amendment Rights
Nancy Pelosi: Misinformed, Delusional Or A Liar?
Regulating The Airwaves
Obama Is Not Triangulating
Fine For Not Being Molested: $11,000!
Scans Or Hands
Start Stopping START
The Era Of Rationing Begins
Obamacare: It's Worse Than Anyone Thought
Anchor Babies - Does The Constitution Grant Them Citizenship?
Report From D.O.D. Is Inaccurate
The Reign Of King Barack
Obama To Russia: We're Sorry You Had To Spy On Us
Obama's Policy Of Disregarding Islamic Extremism
Rolling Stone vs. McChrystal: And The Loser Is...
It's Not President Obama's Job
Israel And How Wars Begin
State Department Endorses Islamic Law
Making Hugo Chavez Proud
Let's Regulate Everything
Obama's Nuclear Posturing
Surprise: Another Tax Is Coming!
More News On Cap And Tax
Change In Military Will Censor U.S. Chaplains
The Bigger Problem
Unemployment Stats Are Down, Unemployment Isn't
How Is Our Military Doing?
Nonunion Workers Will Get It Up The Backside, Unless...
The Ball Is In Obama's Court Now
Are We Learning Any Lessons About Islamic Extremism?
Afghanistan - Is It A Lost Cause?
A Tragedy Much Worse Than 9-11
If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Is Acquitted, Will Obama Release Him?
H.R.3400: Empowering Patients First Act
Obama's Arms Control Proposal Is Terribly Flawed
Stop Talking, Start Walking

Educational Issues

Merit And Tenure
Rotten To The Common Core
Common Core: Indoctrinating Your Children While Reinforcing Their Failure
The Day Of Silence
It's George Washington's Birthday - Do Our Kids Know It?
Winning Back Our Kids' Minds: End Tenure
Let's Get Rid Of History

Energy & Environmental Issues

Obama And The Price Of Gas
Green: The Color Of Rotten Stench
Energy Obamamonics: No Green Jobs; Plenty of Red Ink
Replacing High-Paying Energy Job With Low-Paying Housekeeping Jobs
Another Example Of How "D" Stands For Dependency 

Science & Technology Issues

Junk Science And The EPA - Record Setters
Obama Announces His Return To Non-Existent Climate Change
Oh God, They've Found Him!
I'm A PC, But Jobs' Mac Was Better
Relaxing EPA Regulations - The Untold Story
Conservatives Back Peddle On Science
10 Identifying Factors of A True Conservatives
Qualifications for Liberals to Post on Our Website
Join A Tea Party
Obama's Budget: The Road To Ruin Not The Path to Prosperity
Faith Groups Increasingly Lose Gay Rights Fights
George Soros Invades The Pentagon
Socialism and Secularism Suck Vitality Out of Society
Tea Parties Coming To A Town Or City Near You
Socialism and Secularism Such Vitality Out Of Society
Coulter: Reagonomics vs Obamanomics
Obama Socialism
Ron Paul: Obama Will "Destroy The Dollar"
Government Subsidy Devalues Marriage
The Road To Ruin Not The Path To Prosperity
Obituary: The Episcopal Church In The United States (1789-2009) Cause of Death: Suicide
Liberal Should Cheer The Pope
Kill Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly And Glenn Beck
Myth vs. Fact: President's Address To Congress
Four People Who Want To Destroy America
The Lords Of Entitlement
The True Cost Of Obamacare
ObamaCare Sparks 10th Amendment Rebellion, Action In Seven States
The Senate Version of 'The Night Before Christmas'
A Comparison Of House, Senate Health Care Bills
I Can't Drive -- 55!
"Bring This Government Down!"
Cass Sunstein Is Chomping At The Bit Now
The House Roll Call: Health Care Overhaul
Another Radical Left Judge...
The Progressive-Socialist Version Of The Ten Commandments
Who Will Obama Appoint To Replace Justice Stevens?
One On Obama's Short List That Would Destroy The Constitution
Your Health Care Costs Are Going Up
Charlie Crist - In The Footsteps Of Arlen Spector
NAACP Passes Resolution Condemning Racism Within Tea Parties
The Case For Marriage
I'd Rather Have Wal-Mart
A Look At That Racist Tea Party: My How Diverse It Is!
Happy Birthday Mr. President - Oh, How We Miss You!
Piven And Trumpka Join Forces April 5th by Kyle Olson
A Reelection Jobs Report? If So, Thank The GOP by Larry Kudlow
Soros-Backed Groups Incitement Against Israel by Joel Mowbray
Why God Isn't Doing Well These Days by Dennis Prager
The 2011 Budget Setup by Jackie Gingrich Cushman
Can Obama Evoke Lincoln Again In 2012? by Selena Zito
New York Welcomes The Unhappy Meal by Julie Gunlock
Lobotomizing God by Bob Burney
The Myth of 'Herbert Hoover Economics' by Jeff Jacoby
On Margaret Sanger, The Soviets And Democrats by Paul Kengor
Obama's Domestic Imperialism by Mark Baisley
Why Don't Christians Help ... Christians? by Dennis Prager
Blame It On FDR, LBJ, W And Obama by Terence Jeffrey
Simple Economics by Jackie Gingrich Cushman
Make The Rich Pay by Victor Davis Hanson
Barack Obama: 2012 Underdog? By Michael Prell
Bin Laden's Half-Life by Rich Galen
Brown Wants To Cut Prison Population By A Fifth by Debra J. Saunders
Personal Liberty 101 by Mike Adams
Raising Cain: The Pizza Man Delivers by Michael Medved
Obama Brings Non-White Americans Together by Ben Shapiro
An Inflation Nightmare? Time To Wake Up by Steve Chapman
As Jobs Go, So Goes Ohio by Zalena Zito
Time To Fight: Stop Goodwin Liu by Mario Diaz
Conservative - The New Cool by Matt Barber
'Til Debt Do Us Part By Ken Conner
Gingrich And The 'Party Of Food Stamps' By Jeff Jacoby
Newt And Paul Ryan by Emmett Tyrrell
Back To The Pre-American World by Victor Hanson
Bill Clinton Syndrome by R. Emmett Tyrrell
Chicago Code by Floyd & Mary Beth Brown
Design Solution by Rich Galen
Democrats Should Come With Warning Labels by Bert Prelutsky
Obama's Economic Team Declares "No Confidence" by Lurita Doan
The Legal War Over Voter Fraud By Robert Knight
Hang On Tight, The Campaign Is Just Beginning by Jackie G. Cushman
Despite Growing Concern, Democrats Ignore Islamic Radical Threats by Elisabeth Meinecke
Deadly Regulations by John C. Goodman
Here Come The Extremists! by Mona Charen
Afghanistan by Rich Galen
A Smoking Gun: How Congress Was Duped Into Repealing The Military's Gay Ban by Frank Gaffney
It Doesn't Pay For Employers To Be Diligent With Applicants by Kerry Dougherty
The Summer Of 1979 And The Rise Of Reagan by Hugh Hewitt
Where Is Our Morality President? By Armstrong Williams
Oops, I Forgot To Create Job: A Review Of Obamanomics by Austin Hill
Drop In Illegal Immigration Opens Door For Real Reform by Linda Chavez
President Barack O'Drama By Doug Giles
Anti-American Activities: A Cold-War Style Effort To Root Out Civilizational Jihad by Frank Gaffney
Tim Pawlenty's Illusion Of Dullness by Steve Chapman
Jobs, Economy And National Security On American's Minds by George Landrith
Eric Holder's Newest Witch Hunt by Bob Beauprez
This Year Keep You Kids Home From College by Mike Adams
Scientists Expose Inside Job Behind Endangered Species Scam by Marita Noon
Out Of Touch On Economy by Salena Zito
The Intolerance Of The Tolerance Preachers by Michael Youssef
How America Fell by Mike Adams
Religious Liberty Under Assault, Part 1 by Chuck Norris
Religious Liberty Under Assault, Part 2 by Chuck Norris
Why I Support The Second Amendment -- And Democrats Should Too by Marco Rubio
The March Jobs Report: How Numbers Can Deceive by Andrew Puzder
The Budget Dud by Bob Beauprez
I Went To Bed A Christian And Woke Up ... A Terrorist? by Doug Giles
2013 Boston Terror's 19th-Century Roots by Austin Bay
Emperor Obama On Guns: Congress Get Your Act Together by Crystal Wright
The Boston Terrorists Were Muslims -- Please forward this to Chris Matthews by Doug Giles
The New Liberals' Hymnal: The Book Of Common Core by John Ransom
The Presidential Wheel Turns by Peggy Noonan
Religious Groups Fear Christian Purge From Military by Todd Starnes
Time To Ban High Capacity Liberals From Campus by Mike Adams
'Common Core' And The All-Too-Common Tendencies Of Heavy-Handed Government by Austin Hill
The Gay Takeover Of America by Crystal Wright
John's Archives
JOHN'S ARTICLES (continued)

Economic Issues

Economic Improvement Comes From Government Payouts
The Numbers Obama Won't Tell You About
Obama's Model for The Working Class
From Graduation To The Unemployment Line
The New Norm - Work For Yourself Or Be Unemployed
How Much Money Is Spent Spying On You?
MyRA. More Government Control of Private Retirement Accounts
From LBJ's 'Great Society' To Obama's 'Hate Society'
When Liberals Run Government Too Long
Will The Economy Collapse?
An Administration That Doesn't Want You To Work
OMG! Someone Has Successfully Enrolled!
Let's Resort To Killing Old People
Proof Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder
The Ruling Class Versus The Serfs
End The Fed? Not A Chance. There Is History To Be Made
Figures Don't Lie (Although Liars Can Figure)
'Breadwinner Moms' & 'Stay-At-Home' Dads
100 Years Of The 1040
Did Kathleen Sebelius Call President Obama A Big Liar?
The Numbers You Won't See
Are You Raiding Your 401(k) To Pay The Bills?
The GAO Says: Brace Yourselves For The Great Depression II
The Cliff Behind Us, The Chasm Before Us
Laughing In The Face Of The Middle Class
RX For A GOP Win in 2016: Give Obama What He Wants
Our "Needs" And Obama's "Wants"
When $15 An Hour Brings Home Less Than Government Giveaways
George Lucas Sells Out To Avoid Taxes
The Real Numbers: What The Obama Administration Won't Tell Us About The Unemployment Stats
Redistribution - A Good Marxist Idea
The Creature From Jekyll Island Expands Again
368,000 More Stopped Looking For Work. Can They Be Turned Into Democratic Voters?
Obamacare Takes From Medicare To Create A Mediscare
An Orwellian Definition Of 'Progressive': Regressive Oppressive
Obamacare: The Power To Tax
Gaffe Me This, Batman
The Doomsday Clock Is Ticking
Taking A Long Walk Off A Short Pier
Highest Corporate Taxes In The World: Making Obama Proud
1.2 Million Drop Out, So Unemployment Is Down?
Fuzzy Math
Biggest Failure in 2011: President Obama
The Ending Won't Be Pretty, But It Will Be Welcomed
Congress Looses The Bet
Another Look At Income Inequality
The 'Fair Share' Farce
$5300 in 2008; $10,100 in 2011
Your "Fair Share" Is Not In My Wallet
From Spreading The Wealth To Spreading The Jobs Around
Broken & Broke
Beyond Recession: Depression
Cutting The Deficit: Where's The Talk Of Welfare Reform?
Michele Bachmann On The Minimum Wage
Ideological Idiots
Finally! A Job!
Democrats' One-Word Vocabulary: "TAX"
That Thorn In The Side Heritage Foundation
April 8, 2011: The Day George Soros Begins To Create His New World Order!
Is The U.S. On The Way To Third World Status?
Union Power
Cooking The Books
The Reality: Phantom Jobs In A Jobless Recovery
Time To Pay The Bills
Taking A Few Steps Back From Socialism
The Real Numbers -- Unemployment Is High!
Taxing Your Achievements
The Science And Art of Cutting The Budget
Earth To Obama...
When Did The Recession End?
Mr. President: What's Wrong With Capitalism And Freedom?
Our Gimme-Gimme Society Still Grows!
It's The Economy Again, Stupid!
Making Matters Worse
Learn A Little From History
More Old News: More Tax Increases On The Horizon
The Battle For Incompetency: The Government vs. The Private Sector
Welfare: Enslaving African-Americans (And Others) -- Time For A Reform
No Resolution Means No Limits On Spending
What Is A "Green" Job Anyway?
Hiring Is Up - But Only Temporarily
Taxing Small Businesses Takes On A New Meaning
Understanding Lost Jobs
290,000 Jobs Created - Only 6.66 Million More To Go!
The CBO Says 4 Million Middle-Class People Will Pay...
Progressive-Socialists Ask: "Why Not A Value Added Tax?"
Meanwhile, Back On The Plantation
The Progressive-Socialist View Of Money
A Trillion Here, A Trillion There -- Add A Few More, The Dems Don't Care!
Joseph Stiglitz - Remember His Name!
Two Hot Topics Again: Jobs And Energy
You Now Owe Another $6,000!!
The Cloward-Piven Strategy In Practice
The Cloward-Piven Strategy: Enter Alinsky, Ayers, Davidson And Soros
The Cloward-Piven Strategy: Tracing Radical Revolution To Barack Obama
The Cloward-Piven Strategy To Orchestrate Crisis
America To Congress: "Get Us Out Of Debt!"
Democrats Favorite Programs: Entitlements!
A Radical Strategy For Economic Recovery
10.2 Percent And Growing!
Spreading The Wealth No Matter Who Earns It (Or Doesn't)
Meet The Man Who Wants To Destroy The Dollar
9.8 Percent Is An Understatement!
A Tax, By Any Other Name, Is A Tax
Recovering Without A Job
Nothing In The "Help Wanteds"
A Mixed Message In The World Of Economics
What Jobs? Where Are They?
Talk About A Depressing Depression
It'll Cost You Your Money, Your Job, Maybe Your Life
Jobs? Where? Not At Burger King Or The Dollar Tree!
Send Your Congressman The Bill
From The War On Poverty To The War On Prosperity
What Does A Financial Regulator Do?
Time For Another Mortgage Meltdown
It's Not A Good Time To Be A White Man
Obama's Stimulus Spending Plan Isn't Cutting It
The Day The Dream Dies
What's All The Red Ink About?
President Obama Has Just Got To Kill Capitalism
The Real Victims
The Census and The Welfare State
Reaganomics VS Obamanomics
Obama's Budget: The Road To Ruin, Not The Path To Prosperity
"Retirement" -- It's Just A Word
Oh! The Lingering Debt
The Obama White House is "Incorrect" About The Deficit
The "New" New Deal
Americans With No Abilities Act Is Before Congress

Social Issues

Dying To Live In Chicago
How Many Race Cards Are In Eric Holder's Deck?
Welfare: How Democrats Win And A Nation Disintegrates
"Cracker" Barrel Offends Me
Our Passive President Paralyzing Us With The Politics Of Pigmentation
Rewarding Slack and Condemning Success
Guns Don't Kill - Democrats Do!
The Intolerant Left Wins Again
'Progressivism', The Opposite Of 'Constitutionalism'
Why We Can Never Have An Honest Conversation About Race
Stepping Up The Class Warfare Rhetoric
The 'Knockout': Black-On-White Violence - No Such Thing
"Let's Pretend" Starring Barack Obama
When Living The American Dream Means Having A Part-Time Job
The Only Freedom Liberals Will Grant - To Kill
Promoting Racism -- Obama Style
Liberals Have Never Claimed The Moral High Ground
Ready - Set - Riot!
We Are Just 7 Years Away
The Next Marriage Battle - Polygamy
Four Boxes
Why I'm Taking A Sabbatical - High Blood Pressure & The Far-Left Loons
History Channel's "Vikings" Reminds Me Of Democrats
They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Haaa
Philip Dru Obama and a Hundred Years of Progressive Hell
On The Road To Total Government Control
Christopher Dorner: A Victim?
Dateline: 2038, More Gay Couples Marry Than Heterosexuals
Want To Own A Newspaper? Let Them Put You In Danger
It's The Lack Of Morals, Not The Abundance Of Guns
2012 Election Means We Have Moved From A Nation Of "Makers" To A Nation Of "Takers"
Would Obama Incite Civil Unrest To Stay In Power
If My Voting Against Obama Makes Me A Racist, Then You Voting For Obama Makes You A Cult Member
Allen West Is Right -- The Real Racists Are In The Congressional Black Caucus
Who Are The Real Racists? Welfare Reformers Or MSNBC?
The Left Does The Violence, The Right Gets The Blame
Are You John Galt?
Who Is John Galt?
Hey Barack: No Matter What Our Condition, It's Because Of The Government!
Government Unions, R.I.P.?
'Stupid Is As Stupid Does'
Reason Rally Is A 'Coming Out' Party
America Is Broke -- In More Ways Than One
Obsessed With 'Social Issues'
Obama's Jobs Policy: The Right Not To Work
Revisiting Roe vs. Wade
Weighing In On Christopher Hitchens
The Antedote To Anger: Thanksgiving
This Is Not Going To End Well
What Do You Want From America, Mr. Obama?
Christians Needs Not Apply
First It Was Gay Marriage, Now It's Polygamy. What's Next?
Obama's Campaign Strategy: Civil War
Labor Day
How Obtuse
Destroying Everything Dear To Democratic Socialists
Christian Fundamentalists Are On Murderous Rampage Again!
The Profit Of Being A False Prophet
'Liberal' - It's No Longer A Relative Term
Rule Of Thumb: Liberals Always Lie
Today's Tom Sawyer
How To Deal With The Enemies Within
Your Choices
"Useful Idiots"
Alinksy, La Follette Would Be Dancing In Wisconsin
It's All About Race
At The Crossroads
Left To The Right: Shut-Up And Be Civil
Right On Cue: Blame The Right
Yeah, I Said It! Merry Christmas!
Loving Treason And Hating America
The Self-Esteem Movement
Where Were You 47 Years Ago?
That Pesky Pledge
Excitement Today -- Then Comes 2012
I Gotta Go And Beat My Wife
America: What It Means To Obama, What It Meant To Jefferson
Without Religious Freedom All Bets Are Off
Knowing The Difference Between Sheep And Goats
Which Islam Will Prevail?
Why Are We Surprised?
Maxine Waters' Racism Makes It O.K. To Be Scandalous
This Subject Won't Go Away
The Post Racial President's Racist Policies
Do You Remember The Founding Principles?
Al Franken: His Name Alone Makes Me Laugh
The White House Demonstrates How To Handle Islam
Progressive-Socialist Pastor Blasts Glenn Beck
The Second Attack On The World Trade Center Is Coming!
Hark! I Hear The Tolling Of The Bell!
Secular-Progressive Socialists: They Hate Prayer Unless It Is Directed Toward Them!
Confederate History Month: The Proof Of Conservative Racism
Definition Of Hate: Progressive Socialism (Saul Alinsky?)
Whites Won't Vote For Those Who Call Them Racist
Progressive-Socialists' Control Issues
The More Pressing Issue - Rising Health Care Costs, Or Islamic Supremacism?
The Greeks -- They Are A Grand Ole Lot!
Let's Talk Guns
That Audi Commercial Still Haunts Many
Edwards Wasn't Radical Enough, So Why Didn't The Media Tell All?
The State Of The Schools
A Little Rebellion -- Not A Radical Revolution -- Is A Good Thing
Police Can't And Politicians Won't, But Passengers Must!
PC's War On Christmas
America's Religion - Cafeteria Style
More (On) Unemployment
Black Conservatives - An Oxymoron?
The Dominos Of New England Have Stopped Falling! At Least For Now
Long Live Mao Tse-Tung
Nobel Committee Has Lost All Credibility
Define When Life Ends, Or When Life Begins
There Goes My Website! - And Ann Coulter's, And Bill O'Reilly's And Glenn Beck's, And...
Liberals "Feel" - Conservatives "Think"
I Want My Nanny!
The Rise And Fall Of Great Civilizations: From Apathy To Dependency To Slavery
The Right For Medical Care VS The Right To Have It Paid By Me
First The Episcopal Church, Now The Evangelical Lutherans?
Jail Time For Prayer Time
Blame Christians -- Everybody Does It
The Focus On FOCA
To Get Ahead - Make Sure An African-American Does Better Than You
Making Things Obvious
Behind The Scenes With The Gay Agenda
Liberals Blame The Right for Dr. Tiller's Death
What Is SCOTUS Nominee Sotomayor's Position on Guns?
Barack Obama: "Doctor of Abortion Policies"
It's Not A Good Time To Be A White Man
Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Closer
Islam Is Growing, Christianity Isn't And Obama Is Delighted!
Homosexuality Is A Sin! Now The Feds Are Coming To Get Me!
Prayer Leads To Good Health
Who Says There Is No Such Thing As Anti-Christian Bigotry?
Read All About It: Pastor Goes To Jail
From Elvis' Pelvis to the Sex Text -- It's Gotta Be Legal
From Socialism to Communism to Absolute Dictatorship
Vermont, The Most Beautiful State in America
Sebelius Will Oversee America's Health Reform, But How Far Will She Press Her Allegiance to Abortionists?
Gay Marriage Is Center Stage Throughout New England: Next Stop - The Rest of the Country
Thank Heaven, The Court is Safe - For Now
PBS, NPR, MSNBC and the Fairness Doctrine
Civil Rights for Gays
Liberals Give Ten Reasons Why I Am A Racist

Foreign Affairs Issues

Funding Jihadists To Fight Jihadists
Twisted Diplomacy - Becoming Allies With Iran?
Brining Back The Soviet Union
Moving Away From Socialism
Obama to Putin: I Don't Care What You Do
Collectivist Amnesia
A Dose Of Truth About Nelson Mandela
Obama: 'To Hell With Congress, To Hell With Israel, Iran Is My New Friend'
Obama Just Handed Off Our Superpower Status to Putin
We're Going To War & Our Military Has Been Hollowed Out
So Much For Red Lines
No Matter The Proof Democrats Will Ignore The Evidence On Benghazi
The Soviet Union Is Back!
Raiding The Bank Before The Money Is Gone
Hiding The Truth 'Hillary Style'
Egypt's Pharaoh And America's Moses
Benghazi-Gate, Or Obama's Waterloo
Bibi Draws The Red Line At The U.N.
It Is Time To Pull A "Ron Paul" In The Middle East
Obama To Egypt: 'I'm So Sorry'
Policy, Not Culture, Is The Problem
Christians And Women Beware: The Islamic Brotherhood Will Bring Sharia To Egypt
Say 'Goodbye' To Europe
Obama's Middle East Strategy: Talk, Talk, Talk
Open Mic, Insert Foot And Give It All Away
Oxymoron: American Leadership In The Middle East
Pakistan: Not Friend, Not Enemy - Just Frenemy
Iran vs. Israel, It Seems Inevitable
A Crisis Too Big To Stop
Iran Is At War With Us, And We Had Better Win
Christians In The Middle East: Going, Going,...
It's Time For The Annual "Bash Israel" Bash
Russia's Actions Prove START Treaty Critics Were Right
90 Years Of Red Chinese Tyranny

Theological Issues

Jesus Still Terries Herod The Great
The Problem Obama Has With God
Government Shutdown "Unbiblical"?
Pope Francis: A Liberal's Nightmare, A True Catholic's Servant
Two Beasts: Anti-Christian Government And Anti-Christian Religion
Peace On Earth To Men Of Good Will
The End Of The Millennium
Easter, The Day Death Died
It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming...
It Sounds Christ-Like; But Beware Of The Wolves
Did God Orchestrate And Manipulate Humans To Kill His Son? Part IV
Did God Orchestrate And Manipulate Humans To Kill His Son? Part III
Did God Orchestrate And Manipulate Humans To Kill His Son? Part II
Did God Orchestrate And Manipulate Humans To Kill His Son? Part I
The Death Of The Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
Waiting On The Lord
He Is Alive And Well
Mary, Mother Of Our Lord
Why Were We Created?
If God Brings Liberty, What Do Liberals Bring?
Do Atheists And Agnostics Know More About God Than Believers?
A Trick Question (One Of Millions)
Making Religion Into A Set Of Myths
The Laws Of Nature And Nature's God
The Manhattan Declaration - What Does It Has To Do With Evangelism?
Honoring God With A Rational Immigration Law
George Soros, Anti-Christ?
The Devil's Best Kept Secret: Joel Osteen
The Biblical Basis For Global Warming Alarmism
When The Only Thing Left Is Islam
The Five Faces Of Atheism, Part 6
The Five Faces Of Atheism, Part 5
The Five Faces Of Atheism, Part 4
The Five Faces Of Atheism, Part 3
The Five Faces Of Atheism, Part 2
The Five Faces Of Atheism
Christianity Will Fail, Unless...
Christian Security Is Not Eternal Security
President Obama And The National Prayer Breakfast
The Emergent Church Movement, Part 4: The Leading Voices And How We Should Address Them
The Emergent Church Movement, Part 3: It's Methods & Communications Strategies
The Emergent Church Movement, Part 2: It's Teachings & Goals
The Emergent Church Movement, Part 1: What Is It?
The Religion of Avatar
The New Year Can Mean New Beginnings For The New Creation
No Place In The Guest Room
The Feast Of Lights And The Light Of The World
Dating The Birth Of Christ - It Wasn't December 25th, Part 2
Dating The Birth Of Christ - It Wasn't December 25th, Part 1
Will Anyone See You Thankful?
Can There Be Morality When There Is No God?
Christmas Is Coming! Does That Make You Feel Like Elijah?
Is It Too Late For Christianity To Reclaim Our Culture?
The Professional Clergy - Unbiblical At Least, Possibly Anti-Biblical, II
The Professional Clergy - Unbiblical At Least, Possibly Anti-Biblical
The C.E.O. And The Baptist Pastor
The Lion And The Lamb: We Conquer By Lamb Power
Debunking The Rapture By Verse
Toward A Concrete Hermeneutic of Revelation 20:1-10
What Is The Millennium, Part II
What Is The Millennium, Part I
The Two Beasts - Who Are They? What Do They Do?
All Eyes On Israel: And Some Titanic Truths About That Nation
Who Is The "Man Of Lawlessness"? And Some Titanic Truths About The Temple
What Is "Apostasy"? -- The Great "Falling Away"
The Antichrist Comes First
The Antichrist: Fact vs. Fiction
Daniel 9:27 - The Source Of The Problem
The Seven-Year Tribulation Theory
Will God's Church Escape Tribulation?
The Twinkling Of The Eyes
Now You See Them, Now You Don't
The Beginning of the End
America Takes The Lord's Name in Vain
Christian America - Where Art Thou?
Organized Religion - No Wonder The Church Is Losing
Will God "Spit" The Church Out Of His Mouth?
Calvinism, Part VI: Are You A Puppet Or A Free Moral Agent?
Calvinism, Part V: For God So Loved A Few That He Gave His Only Son..."
Calvinism, Part IV: Predestined Before The Foundation of the World
Calvinism, Part III:Is Man Totally Depraved?
Calvinism, Part II: Is God The Source of Evil?
A Hot Issue: Calvinism, Part I
Is There Any Faith in America?
Theism Collides with Worldviews
The Depraved Mind and the Death of a Civilization

Other Issues

When It's Time To Pack It In And Call It A Day
225 Years of Revolution
Shooting Pool, Drinking Beer And Raising Funds
D-Day, 70 Years Later
The Ultimate Waste Of A Conservative's Time
The White House's Worst Nightmare: Trey Gowdy
Call Me A Racist, Obama Is A Liar
While Putin Gets Empty Words, Bundy Gets Action
What One Communist Thinks Of Another Communist
Don't Think For A Moment ...
From Providing Common Defense to Providing Welfare
63 Minutes of Threats, Tripe And Yawns
31 Hours on Bridgegate; 9 Minutes on the IRS & Benghazi Scandals Combined
2014 Brings A New Lease On Life
Obama Still Can't Take Our Guns, But He Is Making Bullets Hard To Get
The Art Of Lying, And How Barack Obama Has It Down To A Science
The "Mastermind"?
The End Of Innocence
Veterans, We Thank You
Let The Grand Old Party Die
Killing King's Dream
Real Scandals - Phony President
Robert Reich Has A Plan: Break Out And Get Your Money
The NSA Takes Control Of The Country From The FED
The Reverse KKK Award For Racism Goes To ...
Who Is Edward Snowden?
How Far Can You Throw A Concrete Building?
Take Away Obama's Toy - Shut Down The IRS!
Eric Holder Thinks His Poop Doesn't Stink
Bombing Taxpayers As A Way Of Saying: "Thanks For The Benefits"
Pro-Choice And Liberal Logic Are Both Oxymorons
FLASH: Hugo Chavez To Socialize Hell
It's George's Birthday. Let's Look On The Bright Side
A Pope Steps Down - What's Next For The Catholic Church?
'Preserve, Protect And Defend' Or 'Ignore, Hold In Contempt And Destroy'?
Predictions For 2013
Looking Back on 2012
The Four Congressmen Who Didn't Play By The Rules
Parasites Killed The Hostess
Our 'Optimal" Obama
A Cover-Up Of Watergate Proportions
Ever Heard Of Agenda 21? It's A Big Issue With The GOP
Attack, Slam, Slice And Dice
Obama's Godless Declaration
Need More Proof Progressives Are Communists?
That Once Scary "C" Word -- Scary Again
Instead of 'Progressive' Think 'Communist'
Goodbye Dick Clark. R.I.P.
IPAB, The Official 'Death' Panel
The Gathering Fiscal Storm Clouds
How Could I Be So Dumb?
Happy New Year And Welcome To 2012
The Sussex Carol
From The State House To The Big House
The Day The Great Depression Ended
Lurching Toward Bankruptcy
11-11-11 And Other Random Thoughts
Ayn Rand's "Atlas" Is Shrugging
Occupy Wall Street, And Other Revolutions
Civil Allen West Speaks Out Against The Uncivil CBC
Let Me Be Blunt
Let's Talk About Idiots
Sadly Lacking Leadership
Tea Party Terrorism
But Your Mom DID Have Health Care Care Mr. President
Liberals Drive Me Crazy
Keep The Memory Of Those Who Died In Your Name Alive
Does Soros' $48 Million Buy Enough Media
Why Don't We Hear About Soros's Ties To Over 30 Major News Organizations?
"Atlas Shrugged" Hits The Theaters
Government, God And Guns
For Whom The Bell Tolls: NPR
Renaming The Economic Downturn: Mancession
Barack's Budget-Busting Blunders
The Reason We Should Never Elect Novices
Modify The First, Repeal The Second, Forget The Rest
Reflections On The ACLU's Favorite Time Of Year
Global Warming Alarmists Should Take A Chill Pill
ARRA's Total Net Jobs Gained -- 0
History Scholar, No! Revisionist Historian, Yes!
An Obama Success Story: More People Don't Want To Work
So The GOP Didn't Pick Up The Senate...Who's To Blame?
'D' Is For Denial
What Do We Know About Jihad?
N.Y.Times Defends Judges' Independence From Everything And Anything
Obama To His Constituents: The Government Can Solve Anything
Taxes Are Slated To Soar In 4 Months
The Subtle But Real Infiltration, Part III
The Subtle But Real Infiltration, Part II
The Subtle But Real Infiltration, Part I
For A Preview Of The Ground Zero Mosque, Check Out Virginia
Marching Toward Marxism (i.e. COMMUNISM)
Ground Zero - A New Home For Muslims
Kagan Will Interpret The Constitution With Foreign Laws In Mind
Ramming Another Budget Busting Bill Through A Lame Duck Congress
Save The Media!
The Unions Will Spend More Than $100 Million On Democrats This Fall
Holder, Extremists, Islam and Marx
A Rarity - Right In Arkansas' 1st District
Obama To Arizona: I Will Tread On You
Tomorrow Would Be Just Another Spring Day, But It Won't
Keep Your Eye On S.E.I.U. and All The Unions For That Matter
Obamacare Defines Who The Real "Progressive Socialists" Are
Obama's Declaration Of War
Let's Talk Hillary
Joe Biden Makes Me Miss Dick Cheney
Obama To ACORN: "There's Money In That There Budget!"
Ten Frightening Facts On Obama's Budget
The State Of The ObamaNation, Er, ObamaUnion -- Not Good!
The First Anniversary Of Socialism
Democrats Want To Keep Poor Black Kids Dumb
Our Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost
The Woman To Watch
Divisive Decade Of Near Decadence
The Power Behind The Throne
Obama Open To Any Ideas To Create Jobs, Except Ideas To Create Jobs
How Can Anyone Be Thankful This Thanksgiving?
A Declaration Of Dependence
Fort Hood, Obama And Petty National Security Issues
Liberals Still Want The Courts, Not Just The Other Two Branches Of Government
Blast Rush And Hail Dunn! What's Wrong With This Picture?
Mesmerize, Apologize and Polarize = The Way To Win The Nobel Prize
Will Israel Start Something?
Don't Have Obamacare? Go To Jail!
Four-Party System
Obvious Facts
Call 'Em Like You See 'Em: 'Socialists!'
Kennedy's Secret Overture To The U.S.S.R. - My, How He Hated Reagan
What Would LBJ Do? A Socialist's Advice To Barack Obama
Co-Exist? If Only That Could Be
Sen. John Cornyn To The White House: "Stop Compiling A Political Enemies List!"
Hillary To The U.S.: The Let Arm!
Why Are Democratic Leaders So Aghast?
My Friend George
Next Bailout Goes To Labor Unions
Let's Make It Easy For Those Poor Terrorists
Two Cows And Today's Ideologies
Sotomayor And The White Wise Guys

The Spider's Web - The World of George Soros

Soros's Plan For The Eurozone
One Final Word on George Soros - At Least In 2011
Southern Poverty Law Center
The "Occupy" Movement
Common Cause
Progressive State Network
The Secrets Of Soros, Obama, Occupiers And The MSM, Part 3
The Secrets Of Soros, Obama, Occupiers And The MSM, Part 2
The Secrets Of Soros, Obama, Occupiers And The MSM, Part 1
League Of Women Voters
National Association For Working Women
National Organization For Women
Joyce Foundation
Carnegie Corporation
Pew Charitable Trusts
National Welfare Rights Organization & National Welfare Rights Union
Natural Resources Defense Council
Environmental Defense Fund
Union Of Concerned Scientists
The Urban Institute
Physicians For Human Rights
American Civil Liberties Union
Institute For America's Future
Public Welfare Foundation
Children's Defense Fund
Rockefeller Foundation
LightSquard Wireless
Freddie Mac Foundation
Fannie Mae Foundation
The Ford Foundation
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
New America Foundation
Center On Budget And Policy Priorities
The Brookings Institution
The New Organizing Institute
Change America Now
Americans United For Change
The Thunder Road Group
The Sierra Club
American Friends Service Committee
Noam Chomsky
Al Franken
Drummond Pike
George Wiley
Rob Stein
Alliance For Justice
America Votes
American Constitution Society For Law And Policy
Amnesty International
Planned Parenthood Federation Of America
Campaign For America's Future
American Federation Of State, County And Municipal Employees
National Education Association
American Federation Of Teachers
The United Nations
Healthcare For America Now
The Congressional Black Caucus
National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP)
The Congressional Progressive Caucus
The Working Families Party
Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM)
The Communist Party U.S.A.
Democratic Socialists Of America
The Weathermen
Students For A Democratic Society
Human Rights Watch
Institute For Policy Studies
People For The American Way
Center For Economic And Policy Research
J Street
The Brennan Center For Justice
Code Pink: Women For Justice
American Institute For Social Justice
Alliance For Justice
The Ella Baker Center For Human Rights
The Nation Institute
Progressive Democrats Of America
The Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Wade Rathke
Andrew Stern
Richard Trumka
Jim Wallace & Sojourners Magazine
Bill Moyers
Edward (Ted) Kennedy
John Kerry
John Podesta
Morton Halperin
Van Jones
Nancy Pelosi
Eric Holder
Harold Ickes
Bill Clinton
Barack Hussein Obama, Part 3
Barack Hussein Obama, Part 2
Barack Hussein Obama, Part 1
Hillary Rodham Clinton
The "Shadow Party"
National Council Of La Raza
American Immigration Council
Immigration Policy Center
Democracy For America
Arab-American Institute
Democracy Alliance
Secretary Of State Project
National Public Radio (NPR)
America Coming Together
The Democratic Party
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Media Matters For America
Project Vote
The Apollo Alliance
The Shared Agendas of George Soros And Barack Obama
The Tides Foundation And Tide Center
The Center For American Progress
Soros' Open Society Institute
The George Soros Web
The Spider: George Soros Since 2004
Introducing The Spider, George Soros
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